Flowerful FAQ



Q – Do you offer contactless delivery and how do I request? 

A – When placing your order online include in your notes instructions for drop off and money exchange. Example: Money will be in an envelope in the mailbox, please leave the product there.” 


Q – I’m having issues logging into my account. 

A – If you are having trouble logging in, this is most likely due to a time-out. Please exit the site, reload and log back in. Should you continue to have further log in issues, please email hello@flowerful.ca to request a password reset) 


Q – How do I add/edit or change my delivery time on an existing order? 

A – Call our dispatch line (after phone is changed) @ 403-633-BUDS Q – What is the cost of delivery? A – There is no delivery fee. There is always a minimum order for delivery, which is $50 in Calgary. Q – What is minimum for out of city limits? ● Airdrie/Okotoks/Chestermere- $100 ● Cochrane – $125 ● Bragg Creek/ RedWood Meadows $150 ● Strathmore – $175 ● Subject to demand 


Q – What are your hours of operation? 

A – 10:30 a.m. – 9:30 p.m. *We recommend that evening orders be placed no later than 9:30 p.m. (9:00) to ensure same day delivery. (within city limits) Q – What is the latest time I can order for same-day delivery? A – 9:30 p.m. 


Q – What happens to my order if it’s placed at 9:30 p.m. onward? 

A- Orders placed from 9:30 p.m. onward will automatically qualify as a Pre-Order for the following business day unless otherwise specified. Pre-Orders must be placed by midnight to ensure next day delivery. 


Q – How do I redeem my points? 

A – Point redemption can be applied at time of checkout. A minimum $50 delivery is still required after redemption 


Q – Is there a way to redeem only a certain amount of my points? 

A – NO. There is no partial points redemption. 


Q- What is Gratisfaction? How does it work in comparison to the previous point reward system used? 

A- Gratisfaction is our new automatic online reward-monitoring system. At time of purchase, Gratisfaction converts redeemable points into a dollar value and the dollar value can then be deducted from your total purchase price. Every dollar spent on retail purchase = 10 points Every 250 points = 1 Flowerful Dollar 


Q – Do you have e-transfer? 

A – We are currently C.O.D. only. Please have cash ready upon ordering. 


Q – Will my driver wait for me to go get cash? 

A – NO. We can show up at any time after you’ve placed your order. You must have cash ready when you place your order. Drivers can only wait a standard 5 minutes. 




Q – How do I get same-day delivery? 

A – Order from our “Today Menu” and set your earliest available drop-off time. 


Q – “Today’s Menu” 

A – Allow two hour delivery time from when specified time of delivery is expected. Example: If order is requested for a 5:15 delivery, allow a two hour window for delivery. (Expect your order from 5:15 – 7:15) *Delivery can arrive at anytime during the two-hour window 


Q – Can I use the search bar or filters on the “Today Menu”? 

A – NO. The search bar and filters are designed to navigate the entire inventory. You must choose from the options available on the “Today Menu” pages. As the “Today Menu” changes more often than the regular inventory, you should always refresh your page prior to your search. 


Q – Can I change my address prior to delivery? 

A – All address changes for same day delivery or PreOrder are subject to dispatch discretion. Contact dispatch immediately at 403-633-2837 for any requested changes. 


Q – What if I miss my delivery? 

A – Should a delivery be missed, the order will be reset to a new “2 Hour” window for a follow up delivery. However, if we are unable to re-deliver we will try to arrange a next day delivery. 


Q – Can my boyfriend/girlfriend pick up my order for me? 

A- Yes, must produce proper ID, and have the cash ready. 


Q – Can I use someone else’s account to order? 

A – We would advise everyone to have their own account for security reasons, especially with our dollar rewards program. If you are an active customer in good standing, it is very easy to call dispatch with your referral. “REEFER a Friend” or ”BUD-dy System” 


Q – How do I refer someone and how do each refer programs work? 


  • “Reefer a Friend” and the person making the referral will receive a free pre-roll with your next purchase! 
  • “BUD-dy System” Sign up your ‘BUD-dy” for a Flowerful Account through dispatch. If your buddy places an order immediately after signing up they recieve $10 off their first order! 
  • “BUD-dy System” Order must surpass $50 minimum order after $10 promo is used towards order 


  • Must be in good standing with an order history a minimum of 3 times to qualify for either referral programs 


Q – Do I need my ID for delivery? 

A – Always have available as any driver at any time can request ID. 


Returns & Replacements *Product must be returned within 24 hours, be in good condition and only missing a “test” amount. 


Q – How do I process a return? 

  • Contact dispatch immediately with any product issues or concerns @ 403-633-2837 
  • Most replacements can be done the same day off of the “Today’s Menu” within two hours. 
  • Any pre order items can be done next day 
  • No cash refunds 
  • Gratisfaction reimbursement can be applied at customer service discretion if requested by dispatch 
  • Item being replaced must ALWAYS be returned

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