Q – Do you offer contactless delivery, and how can I request it? A – For contactless delivery, include instructions in the notes when placing your order online. For example, specify that the money will be in an envelope in the mailbox, and request the product to be left there.

Q – How can I add, edit, or change my delivery time for an existing order? A – Call our dispatch line at 403-633-BUDS (2837).

Q – What is the delivery cost? A – There is no delivery fee. However, there is a minimum order for delivery, which is $25 in Calgary.

Q – What is the minimum order for locations outside city limits?

Calgary (Minimum $25)

Okotoks (Minimum $100)

High River (Minimum $250)

Airdrie (Minimum $100)

Crossfield (Minimum $400)

Cochrane (Minimum $250)

Chestermere (Minimum $100)

Strathmore (Minimum $220)

Bragg Creek (Minimum $300)

DeWinton (Minimum $100)

Langdon (Minimum $120)

Black Diamond (Minimum $300)

Q – What are your hours of operation? A – Monday-Friday: 11:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Q – What is the latest time for same-day delivery orders? A – 7:59 p.m.

Q – What happens if I place an order at 8:00 p.m. or later? A – Orders placed after 8:00 p.m. automatically qualify as a Pre-Order for the following business day unless specified otherwise. Pre-orders must be placed by midnight for next-day delivery.

Q – How do I redeem my points? A – Point redemption can be applied during checkout, but a minimum $25 delivery is still required after redemption.

Q – Can I redeem only a certain amount of my points? A – No, there are no partial points for redemption.

Q – What is Gratisfaction, and how does it work compared to the previous point reward system? A – Gratisfaction is our new automatic online reward-monitoring system. It converts redeemable points into a dollar value, which can be deducted from your total purchase price. Every dollar spent equals 10 points, and every 400 points equal 1 Flowerful Dollar.

Q – Do you accept e-transfer? A – No, we only accept debit, credit cards, Cash.
Q – Will the driver wait for me to get cash? A – No, drivers can only wait a standard 5-10 minutes. You will be sent a tracking link to know how long the driver will be.

Delivery Q – How do I get same-day delivery?

Q – Can I change my address prior to delivery? A – All address changes are subject to dispatch discretion. Contact dispatch at 403-633-2837 for any requested changes.

Q – What if I miss my delivery? A – Missed deliveries will be reset to a new “2 Hour” window for follow-up delivery. If unable to re-deliver, arrangements for next-day delivery will be made.

Q – Can someone else receive my order? A – Yes, but make a note when ordering. The person must have proof of ID.

Q – Can I use someone else’s account to order? A – It’s advised to have your own account for security. If you are an active customer, calling dispatch with a referral is easy.

“BUD-dy System” or “REEFER a Friend” Q – How do I refer someone, and how do the referral programs work?

  • Refer someone, and get $10 in points for your next order.
  • “BUD-dy System”: Sign up your friend through dispatch, and they receive $10 off their first order (must surpass $25 minimum order).
  • Must be in good standing with a minimum order history of 3 times to qualify.

Q – Do I need my ID for delivery? A – Always have it available, as any driver can request ID at any time.

Returns & Replacements – Damaged product must be returned within 48 hours. Returns and replacements are at Flowerful’s discretion. Any “preference” exchanges will be charged a minimum $15 gas fee. Q – How do I process a return?

  • Contact dispatch immediately at 403-633-2837 for product issues.
  • Most replacements can be done the same day from “Today’s Menu” within three hours.
  • Pre-order items can be replaced the next day.
  • No cash refunds.
  • Gratisfaction reimbursement can be applied at customer service discretion if requested by dispatch.
  • The item being replaced must ALWAYS be returned.